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What is the phone no./Fax no./E-mail address, of the tourist information office in Lido di Jesolo?


Azienda di Promozione Turistica
n. 5 Jesolo - Eraclea

Piazza Brescia 13
30017 Lido di Jesolo (VE)

Tel. +39.0421.370601
Fax +39.0421.370608


mon-fri 9.00-18.00
sat 9.00-14.00
(in winter: sunday closed)


How to get to Lido di Jesolo from the Venice airport?


If you arrive to Marco Polo Airport (Venice), you have 2 types of transport to get to Jesolo:

- by taxi: you spend a lot (min 25-30 euro, L. 50.000/60.000) because it's 30 km far from the centre of the town;

-by bus: the blue ATVO bus starts about every hour (look at the timetable on atvo.it) and the fare is L. 5.200 per person, plus L.2.600 per person if you have luggage (Children less than 4 years-old don't pay). It takes about 40 min. Then you arrive in Piazza Drago where there are more buses to the East side or the West side (or taxis).

If you book in a hotel you may have a private transport service: ask to the clerk:)


What is temperature weather like in late march early april, over easter?

A: It's quite warm: 20-25°C.
Q: Does the town open up?
A: Yes, there are a lot of hotels and stores open. Almost 60% of the town is working.
Q: Do you get many visitors then or is it too cold for the beach?
A: A lot of tourists comes to visit Venice in that days. But if the sun shines the baech is wonderful. Personally I think that water is too cold, but somebody doesn't care :-)
Q: What area of Lido di Jesolo is best for shops,restaurants and within walking distance of a bus stop?
A: Lido di Jesolo is a seaside resort with a 13km long beach. There is the longest pedestrian shop avenue, about 10km. All the town stretch on the seaside with a very long sequence of seafront buildings.
There is a 2-lines bus service, so you can get everywhere.
Expecially the east side (called Cortellazzo) is a famous place for well-known restaurants (at least a choice of 10).
Q: How many people live in Jesolo?
A: About 25,000. But they don't live in the same area, we can divide the county into two big areas and some other little settlement; there is the historical centre and the seaside centre which is about 10 km along the beach.
Q: Which is the main business?
A: Our main resource is tourism. Tourists come here to find a cheap accomodation to visit Venice and to enjoy a beautiful beach on the Adriatic sea. But as many other cities we can offer several other services to citizens as the hospital, the fire brigade and more.
Q: Is it boring going there on holiday?
A: Absolutely not! Firstly you can visit Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, then you can enjoy yourself relaxing on our gold beach or practising some sport in the country around. Moreover you can live exciting nights going clubbing to one or more of our thirty discos. But there are pubs, bars, theme parks and the longest pedestrian road of Europe!
Q: How can I get to Jesolo?
A: You can get to Jesolo by car or by bus. The nearest airport (Marco Polo) is 30 km far from the town, and the nearest train station is 20 km away.
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