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In Jesolo you can find a big variety of accomodations from the luxury hotel to the small flat or camp. It's up to you to contact the landlord or the runner of your best suitable hotel.
We can only help you to choose by showing you round all the opportunities that Jesolo Lido offers.

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What's about?
Lido di Jesolo is the seaside part of the city of Jesolo. Although it existed as Roman settlement, only in the last century the seaside has been developed, becoming one of the best resort in Italy. Now about 25,000 residents live in the area, most of them involved in the business of tourism. Every year more than 400,000 people come to have a sunny holiday and dive in the Adriatic sea.

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Are there hotels open throughout the year?
- Yes, someone has heating system.

How far is Venice?
A lot of tourists come to visit Venice. The easiest way to get to Venice is taking a bus(25min.)+boat(40min.). There is a service bus from Piazza Drago (Jesolo Bus Station) and Punta Sabbioni (Boat Terminal). You can also get to Punta Sabbioni and take the boat over there In 40min you'll go straight to Piazza San Marco. Gorgeous landscape.
An alternative way is the bus from Piazza Drago to Piazzale Roma in Venice (north side of the town). It takes 1h15min and it's cheaper...:-)

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APT is the local tourist board, it organizes some events and gives all the information the tourists need. You can mail to

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